Alpine Farm Stay and Cheesemaking

Be an Alpine Farmer and Cheesemaker

Every summer a few fortunate Alpenwild guests have the exclusive opportunity to visit Eigeralp and live the life of an Alpine farmer and cheesemaker. They have the unforgettable opportunity to become an alpine farmer and make cheese using time-honored methods. In these high meadows above Grindelwald you gaze out over the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. You’ll share those views with 27 dairy cows, as well as heifers, calves, goats, and chickens. You'll also participate in making traditional alp cheese over an open fire.

There are two ways to enjoy this unforgettable and traditional alpine experience—either as a morning visit or on a farm stay of two or more nights.

Cow at the Eigeralp Dairy Farm


Morning Cheesemaking and Farm Breakfast

You’ll experience first-hand the art of making cheese in the Alps and the time-honored traditions of being an Alpine farmer and cheesemaker. You’ll enjoy a wonderful farm breakfast—fresh bread from the oven, Alpine butter, various cheeses, yogurt, homemade jams, coffee, tea and fresh milk—all in an unforgettable setting. After breakfast, you’ll visit the centuries-old cheese huts where the cheese is aged to perfection. Most Alpenwild guided tours in the Jungfrau Region include a morning at Eigeralp.

Cheese maker Andreas Michel at EigeralpOvernight Alpine Farm Stay

Do you want to extend your visit and spend more time in the Alps? Plan on a stay of two or more nights at Eigeralp.  Feel free to join the farmers as they go about their daily chores. Get up early for the morning milking of the cows. Watching the sun rise over the mountains is one of the most amazing natural spectacles you can experience in this part of the world. You’ll share meals with the farmers and cheesemakers and enjoy simple sleeping arrangements in a cozy private room. The farm stay and Alpine experience is available as part of an Alpenwild self-guided vacation or as a pre- or post-tour add-on to your Alpenwild guided tour.