Eco-friendly travel

Alpenwild hiking and walking vacations are naturally eco-friendly, but we've taken extra measures to ensure that we adhere to the best practices when it comes to protecting the environment and promoting responsible and sustainable tourism.

Eco-Friendly Swiss Setting

One of the reasons we choose to operate our tours primarily in Switzerland is because of the nation's environmental policies. Yale University's 2012 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) rates Switzerland as the world's most environmentally-friendly country. They cite both air quality and water quality as being the best in the world, and Switzerland ranks exceptionally high on biodiversity and ecosystem vitality. Sounds like the perfect vacation spot, doesn't it? (It is.)

Public Transportation

Switzerland also has the world's densest and most widely used transportation system—a fully-integrated air, train, and bus system—powered for the most part by clean hydroelectric power sources. We are active advocates of public transportation to minimize impact in Alpine areas. We choose public transportation for almost all of our programs not just because it's fast and reliable, but because it reduces our carbon footprint. 

The Swiss transportation system includes 5,000km of rail, 1,000km of mountain railroads, 13,000km of bus routes and over 23,000 public transportation stations, so these services are nearly always close by. And Swiss trains have never been stopped by a workers' strike.

Public Transportation in Switzerland

Small Group Tours

Because we travel in small groups—generally less than twelve people—we minimize our impact on fragile mountain ecosystems and our presence is less intrusive and more respectful of small alpine communities and wilderness areas.

Leave No Trace

You've heard the adage "take only pictures, leave only footprints." We teach and employ "Leave No Trace" principles in all of our outdoor programs. Additionally, we are involved in trail improvement programs, the protection of natural areas, and efforts to promote sustainable trail use.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable practices enable you to enjoy a vacation while respecting the local culture and environment. Sustainable tourism provides support for Alpine communities and traditional cultures without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We work closely with local tourism agencies to promote programs such as farm stays and agritourism programs.

Hikers in the Swiss Alps