The Alpenwild Story

How it All Began

Just days after getting his high school diploma in 1970, Greg Witt, slung a backpack over his shoulder, laced up his boots, and started off for a two-month adventure in Europe. Armed with a plan, a map, and a Eurailpass, he began a journey that would fuel his love for adventure travel and especially hiking in the Alps.

After a degree in Comparative Cultures and an MBA, he opened a traditional bricks-and-mortar travel agency. That eventually evolved into Alpenwild, which is now the largest North American provider of walking and trekking tours in the Alps. Over the years we've grown to encompass food, rail, and art tours too—but always with a focus on the amazing culture, scenery, and undeniable romance of the Alps

If you enjoy walking in scenic wonder, let us show you why the Alps is the best place to spend your next vacation. From gentle walks to challenging treks, from crossing Switzerland on the Glacier Express to making cheese over an open fire in the Jungfrau region, a small-group Alpenwild tour will take you to the most beautiful places in the Alps and give you the experience of a lifetime.


The Alpenwild Mission Statement 

As the leader in active travel in the Alps, we are committed to creating authentic experiences and unforgettable alpine adventures that enrich, thrill, and delight our guests.

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