Why You'll Love The Alps

OeschinenseeA Vacation in the Swiss Alps is a Magical Experience

Explorer and mountaineer Sir Martin Conway called the European Alps "the walls of heaven." Combine with that the superb accommodations, hearty and well-perpared alpine cuisine, cozy inns, and expert guides, and you'll find that hiking in the Alps on an Alpenwild tour is a guaranteed dream vacation. Here is a convincing case for why you should spend this summer hiking in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, or Slovenia:


The Alps is the Best Supported Hiking Destination in the World

You're not carrying a tent, sleeping bag, stove, or meals when hiking in the Alps. Instead, comfortable and conveniently-placed alpine huts and inns welcome you at the end of the day. Each morning you pack light, with just water, snacks, a camera, and some extra clothing, knowing your luggage will be shuttled to your next stop.


Tight-Knit Communities Alive with CultureApple Strudel Food Tour Switzerland

Hiking trails through the Alps have been used as trade routes since medieval times. Each village has a unique personality and history. As you hike in the Alps you'll become connected to a traditional mountain culture and way of life as you experience the Alps in French, German, Italian, Romansch or Slovenian.

Delicious Meals Every Day

Enjoy fondue, artisan breads, cheese from the alp, fine chocolates, bratwurst, Italian wine, raclette, pastries. They're all amazing! The Swiss canton of Valais, where we hike on the Haute Route, is one of the great culinary regions of Europe, rivaling Tuscany or Bordeaux. In Appenzell you'll enjoy Switzerland's finest cheese and many local specialties. In the Dolomites it's Italian—with a Swiss attention to detail. 


Wildflowers in the Swiss AlpsBreathtaking Scenery at Every Turn

On the Hiker's Haute Route you'll pass within view of 10 of the 12 highest peaks in the Alps. You'll discover inviting larch forests, lush alpine meadows, gushing streams, plunging waterfalls, powerful glaciers and snow capped peaks—all in one day.

Wildlife and Wildflowers along Every Trail

Keep your camera handy. Chamois, ibex, and marmot make their home on high alpine slopes, while red deer and fox hide in the thick forests. Gentians, black orchids, lilies, alpine ferns, and rare edelweiss are spotted along the trail as you hike in the Alps.


A Piece of Mountaineering History

The Alps is where mountaineering was invented. You can also combine your trek with a summit climb on one of these epic peaks, multiplying the adventure factor.

The Alps are the Most Accessible Mountains in the World

A network of well-marked and maintained mountain walking and hiking trails are made easily accessible by trams, gondolas, funiculars, and cogwheel mountain railways. The Swiss have made these mountains their home for over a thousand years, and hiking in the Alps is a way of life. You'll find more information about the Swiss Alps thoughout our website, including articles and suggested reading. When you're ready to experience the Alps first hand, call one of our Certified Switzerland Specialists to start planning your trip.



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