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For 35 years we have been leading exceptional hiking, walking, and trekking adventures in the Swiss Alps. All of our tours—hiking and walking, food and wine, and scenic rail tours—capture the inspiring scenery, cultural vibrancy, and the undeniable romance of the Alps.

Exceptional Hiking

The Alps is the greatest hiking and walking destination in the world. Breathtaking mountains, wildflowered meadows, powerful glaciers, surging waterfalls—the Alps has it all. Hiking in the Swiss Alps, exploring the Jungfrau trails, or walking below the Matterhorn from Zermatt is a hiker's dream. A hiking or walking vacation in the Alps, whether it's our Haute Route, our Best of the Swiss Alps tour, the Dolomites or any of our other Alps hiking tours its a vacation experience you will treasure forever.

Hike with Friends. Hike with Experts.

The best way to experience the Alps is on foot, hiking or walking with a small group of friends, and with someone who knows and loves these spectacular mountains and valleys. We offer dozens of ways to do just that. And on our treks and hikes like the Deluxe Tour du Mont Blanc and Exploring the Jungfrau, we shuttle your luggage, so that you can travel light, enjoy the mountains, and know that your bags are waiting for you at the hotel that evening. We measure our trips not by the miles, but by the friends we make.

Choose Your Itinerary

Take a look at our Tour Calendar of hikes and treks in the Alps for the coming year, including our farm stays and cross country ski vacations in Goms, the Jura, and St. Moritz. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, we can arrange a guided custom trip just for you. And don't forget our self-guided hiking tours for great value and flexibility. We know Switzerland's greatest hiking regions inside and out—The Jungfrau, Valais, Appenzell, Engadine, Ticino—and each has magical appeal for hiking enthusiasts.

Scenic Rail Tours

The legendary trains of Switzerland are among the finest in the world, and the Swiss have perfected making mountains accessible. Their ingenious network of trains, rack railways, trams, and funiculars easily put you in the midst of the most spectacular glaciers in the Alps and the highest peaks in Europe. On Alpenwild's Scenic Alps by Rail tour you'll experience the Glacier Express and discover the charms of other scenic routes such as the Bernina Express and the Goldenpass Line.

Food Travel 

Switzerland is foodie heaven. Its restaurants have more Michelin stars per capita than any country in the world. Its award-winning cheeses and fine chocolates are world renowned. On an Alpenwild culinary vacation you'll work with top chefs, cheesemakers, vintners, chocolatiers, and bakers who offer a window into rural gastronomy, Alpine cuisine, and the everyday local food scene.

Delicious Cuisine

Our trips have a strong food focus using local, high quality food. We’ve cultivated close relationships with food producers, farmers, and chefs. We regularly visit cheesemakers, local wineries, and artisan chocolatiers, to provide Alpenwild guests with a window into rural gastronomy, Alpine cuisine, and the everyday local food scene.

Explore Your Passion

Let a vacation in the Alps change your life and fuel your passion. In addition to our classic treks and inn-to-inn hiking vacations we also offer specialty tours focusing on food and Christmas time and more. If you want to create your own specialty tour, focused on your special interests, let us know and we can make custom arrangements.

Exceptional Value

Before you even think about a vacation in Alps independently or with any other tour operator, there are some things you absolutely must know. Read Why Choose Alpenwild and discover the features that make an Alpenwild vacation in the Alps an exceptional value and superb experience. 

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In addition to our hiking and walking tours in the Alps, we are a leading resource for planning your vacation in Switzerland and the Alps. You'll find mapspacking listssuggested reading, and training videos to make your Alps adventure the best ever.

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