Haute Route Luggage Transfers

Travel Light, Travel Smart

All of our guided tours of the Chamonix to Zermatt Haute Route, Tour du Mont Blanc, and Deluxe Haute Route include luggage transfers and baggage handling, which makes travel between towns and villages not only remarkably efficient, but more enjoyable. Luggage transfers enable you to hike with just a light daypack and enjoy your trek even more. They enable you to come prepared for varied weather conditions and with gear you may want, but won't necessarily need every day.

For self-guided hikers luggage transfers are optional. They are expensive for just one or two people, because the transfers are made by a private shuttle going from one valley to the next--often a trip of two hours or more. Luggage transfers are charged by the transfer, so it becomes more economical the more people you have in your party. Luggage transfers are not available to remote Alpine huts like Louvie, Prafleuri, or Cabane de Moiry.

Taxi Follonier shuttle van


How Luggage Transfers Work

On the morning of a luggage transfer, simply pack your backpack with what you need for the day such as a water bottle, sunscreen, camera, and raingear. If you are going to a hut or plan on being separated from your luggage for a day or two, pack a change of clothes, personal toiletries and other comfort items for your mountain overnighter. Then leave your luggage at the hotel in the designated spot for luggage for the transfer service to pick up. You won't have to worry about your luggage again until it greets you in your next transfer destination. In over 15 years, we have transferred thousands of bags and have never lost a bag.


Ensuring a Good Experience

Make sure your luggage is labeled--ideally with an Alpenwild luggage tag, and make sure you don't have anything dangling or attached to your bag that could easily snag or fall off like trekking poles, a water bottle, or a neck pillow. If you use your Alpenwild luggage tags, your bags are quickly and easily identified and make for efficient transfers.Alpenwild Luggage Tag

Luggage Forwarding -- The Other Option

Of course if you're up to truly roughing it, you can send your bags straight from the Geneva airport to Zermatt and do the entire Haute Route with only your backpack. You can do this by sending your luggage through the SBB Rail Luggage Transfer Service. You can arrange this at the train station in Geneva and you can pick up your bags at the train station in Zermatt.

Additional Assistance

For special baggage handling and luggage transfer logistics, or for questions about how to make the most of your Haute Route experience, please call one of the Alps travel professionals at Alpenwild.

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