Alpine Mountain Huts and Cabanes

Comfortable Lodging in Remote Alpine Locations

Many of the most beautiful destinations in the Swiss Alps will take you to remote areas which, found anywhere else in the world, would be devoid of amenities and services. But when you're hiking in the Swiss Alps, the reality is extremely different. You can hike for days on end, passing by lakes and rivers, over mountain peaks and glacial valley and find mountain refuges and huts, also known as ‘cabanes’, where accommodations are very pleasant and characteristic of the alpine lifestyle which the Swiss Alps are known for.

On select Alpenwild trips we stay in high-mountain accommodations consisting of various huts and cabanes. These trips include our various Haute Route treks and Tour du Mont Blanc trips. These huts allow you to travel light. With no need to carry a burdensome amount of gear and food, you are enabled to enjoy the dramatic scenery of the mountains which form your path from one delight to the next. Because of their remote locations, your luggage will not be transferred to the huts, but will instead be waiting for you at our next hotel. You can see an Alpenwild group at Cabane de Louvie on the right. 

Dormitory Accommodations, Family-style Meals

Why are these alpine huts such a treat? You will get to experience the Alps as they were meant to be, the way the Swiss still do in many cases. These fantastic accommodations will provide you with a comfortable dormitory sleeping situation. You will sleep in cozy beds without the need to carry along sleeping bags or pillows. In the evening, hot, hearty, family-style meals will be prepared for you by the house staff and a variety of beverages, including beers and wines from local regions, are available.

Your stay is sure to be extra special as you lounge in the common areas after your evening meal, sit on the terraces taking in the sunset and mountain scenery and wildlife, or settle in for a comfortable night sleep to prepare for the next day’s adventures. When you awake in the morning, a spread of traditional foods will be laid out for your morning meal. You are sure to find something that will be to your liking. Though we carry afternoon meals with us on on our trips, the huts make available delicious options for sack lunches. And if you have a sweet tooth, any number of snacks and treats may be purchased from the staff.

Travel Light, Travel in Comfort

Because the huts provide nearly everything for us during our stay, there is no need to bring anything but the essentials with us. Toiletries, a change of clothing and any personal items you wish to bring would be appropriate. Additionally, most huts offer hot showers, but you will need to bring along your own towel and soap should you choose to take advantage of that opportunity.

The staff are all extremely welcoming to their guests and are concerned with your comfort as well as the maintenance of the properties. House slippers will be made available upon arrival and you are asks to wear them instead of your shoes or boots while you are inside the cabin. Questions or concerns during your stay can be directed to your guide or to the hut warden, the individual in charge of each property. Upon arrival, your guide will give you any other relevant information and directions upon your arrival. All of this will surely make for a pleasant stay and a wonderful addition to your Alps vacation.

A Typical Dormitory-Style Room

All of these locations are well-maintained and either privately owned or operated by the Swiss Alpine Club. Most huts are open only during the summer season and its shoulder months, thus many travelers like yourself will want to take advantage of the hospitable setting during the hiking season. Because of their popularity, it is wise to make advance reservations, otherwise space cannot be guaranteed.

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