Our guide's leadership, trail expertise, and ability to "read" the group and adjust was just amazing. I really appreciate how they were able to accommodate the different skill and endurance levels in our group so that each of us were able to truly enjoy our trip. - T.L. - Washiington


Day 1 – Arrive Zurich - Train to Lauterbrunnen

Upon arrival, you’ll take a train to Lauterbrunnen, set in the world’s most spectacular glacial valley, ringed by 72 gushing waterfalls. You’ll stay near the base of Staubbach Falls—the highest in Switzerland—dropping over 1,000 feet, and visit Trümmelbach Falls, where torrents of water have created a series of caves and underground waterfalls. Then it’s dinner and a group orientation. Overnight in Lauterbrunnen. (D)

Distance: 2 - 4 miles | level walk

Day 2 – Lauterbrunnen to Obersteinberg

The best off-the-beaten-track scenery in the Jungfrau is in Obersteinberg at the head of the Lauterbrunnen valley. You’ll follow a mountain trail to the remote Berghotel Obersteinberg framing postcard views of Schmadri Falls and the scenic head of the Lauterbrunnen Valley. In the afternoon there is an optional additional hike up to the upper glacial bowl of Oberhornsee with more breathtaking views of the Jungfrau region, before returning to Obersteinberg. Overnight at Berghotel Obersteinberg. (BSD)

Distance: 3.5 - 6 miles | Ascent: 2850 - 3792 feet | Descent: 942 feet -if you do optional Oberhornsee hike

Day 3 – Obersteinberg, Gimmelwald, Mürren, and return to Lauterbrunnen

From high in the valley you’ll cross the Busenalp and descend to the captivating village of Gimmelwald, perched above the Lauterbrunnental, and set on a hillside so steep that even the chickens wear crampons (so say the locals). Then it's on to the car-free village of Mürren before heading back to our inn in the Lauterbrunnen valley. Overnight in Lauterbrunnen. (BSD)

Distance: 5-8 miles | Ascent: 956 feet | Descent: 2850 - 3026 feet

Day 4 – Jungfraujoch

The Jungfrau railway takes you through Wengen and on to the alpine crossroads of Kleine Scheidegg at the base of the Eiger. From here a dramatic cog-wheel climb takes you into a tunnel through the Eiger to ascend to the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe and overlooking the longest glacier in the Alps. We’ll hike on the Aletschgletscher to the Mönchsjochhütte before returning by train down to Eigergletscher. From Eigergletscher, additional hiking options include walking down to Kleine Scheidegg on the Eiger Interpretive trail or a longer Eiger trail hike where you find yourself face-to-face with the legendary Nordwand—the North Face of the Eiger Mountain. Overnight in Grindelwald. (BSD)

Possible Distance: 6 miles | Ascent: 813 feet | Descent: 2500 feet

Day 5 – Grindelwald - Eigeralp Farm Cheesemaking - Hike from Bussalp to Bachalpsee

This morning, you'll experience first-hand the art of making cheese in the Alps and the time-honored traditions of being an Alpine farmer and cheesemaker. The Eigeralp farm is located in the high meadows above Grindelwald where you can gaze out over the peaks of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau while watching cheese being made in a cauldron over an open fire. Following breakfast, we will hike from Bussalp to Bachalpsee lake, where you have a wonderful panoramic view over the mountains to the south. We then end at the top of "First" where we can return to Grindelwald by cable car. Overnight in Grindelwald. (BSD)

Distance: 6 miles | Ascent: about 2300 feet | Descent: about 1500 feet  

Day 6 – Grindelwald Hiking

Today we take a tram above Grindelwald before hiking along a beautifully landscaped footpath leading along the base of the Mättenberg mountain that sits high above the gorge of the lower Grindelwald glacier. The ice glacier has receded during the past decades but still an amazing sight. We will continue along this trail to a remote mountain hotel with commanding views of the area, making this a beautiful location for lunch. We will then visit the massive Grindelwald Gletscherschlucht, which is a ravine with a glacial runoff river flowing through it. We will walk along a combination of slatted walkways and tunnels cut into the mountain before returning to Grindelwald. Overnight in Grindelwald. (BSD)

Distance: 4.5-6 miles | Ascent: 1280-1401 feet | Descent: 1280-2648 feet

Day 7 – Hiking through the Rosenlauital into Scenic Meiringen

Since the 18th century, a crossing of the Grosse Scheidegg has been considered to be the highlight of a journey to Switzerland. In 1779 Goethe departed Grindelwald over this stunning pass and wrote "No thoughts, no description or memory can equal the beauty and magnitude of this site." We typically start with a gondola ascent and scenic traverse to the Grosse Scheidegg before descending the beautiful Rosenlauital on the Romanticweg into charming Meiringen. Overnight in Meiringen. (BSD)

Distance: 7-8.3 miles | Ascent: 0-233 feet | Descent: 2664-3030 feet

Day 8 – Meiringen to Zurich

As we spend the day in and around Meiringen, we discover the nearby sights including Reichenbach Falls, the setting for a dramatic Sherlock Holmes' story. We usually have lunch in a tea room famous for Meiringen’ s namesake confection—the meringue. Then we continue to Zurich for a celebratory farewell dinner. Overnight at hotel in the Zurich Airport. (BSD)

Distance: about 2 miles | Ascent: 30 feet | Descent: 1194 feet (Can vary depending on morning hike chosen)

Day 9 – Depart Zurich

From Zurich continue an onward journey or depart the airport on your homebound flight. (B)

Trip Videos

Cow in the Jungfrau mountains

Activity Level

Alpenwild trips are designed for people who are energetic, active, and filled with a spirit of adventure. We rate this trip as moderate. Please note that the stats listed on the itinerary can vary depending on the guide and desires of our hikers --- as many of the hikes are easily adaptable. You should be an experienced hiker in good physical condition. You should be capable of walking 5 to 7 hours per day on well-groomed and graded trails at an elevation up to 9,000 feet above sea level. On one day a mountain railway takes you to an elevation of 11,400 feet to the Jungfraujoch.

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