Grand Train Tour of Switzerland

The Best Way to See Switzerland

The Swiss have a passion for making their famous mountain scenery accessible and enjoyable. Traveling in the Alps and experiencing the thrill of glaciers and rugged mountain summits isn’t reserved just for hikers and mountain climbers. You can take in the spectacular scenery on board Switzerland’s finest scenic trains and mountain rail excursions and enjoy the majestic beauty of the Alps from the comfort of your first class seat on a train. The Grand Train Tour in Switzerland is a network of national and private railways within Switzerland that puts the stunning panorama of Switzerland scenery right in front of you every day. It comprises the most attractive rail routes throughout Switzerland and scenic excursion options that can be enjoyed year round. The Grand Train Tour of Switzerland can be started from any point and there is no prescribed direction or duration. Alpenwild’s Scenic Alps by Rail tour includes the best scenic trains in Switzerland and the top mountain railway excursions in the Alps, all in an exciting 9-day, guided, small group tour with First Class rail, deluxe hotels, and superb cuisine.


Scenic Trains

Glacier Express

The legendary Glacier Express connects Zermatt and the Matterhorn with St. Moritz. Along the way you cross over 291 bridges and pass through 91 tunnels.

GoldenPass Line 

The GoldenPass Line is an extraordinary journey over three mountain passes from Lucerne to Montreux with panoramic views of breathtaking scenery.

Bernina Express

From the towering mountains of St. Moritz to the swaying palms of Italy, the Bernina Express connects Lugano to St. Moritz by both train and a scenic bus route.

Gotthard Panorama Express

Connecting Lucerne to Lugano by rail and waterway along the scenic Gotthard route.


Top Mountain Excursions


You’ll tunnel through the Eiger to the highest-altitude railway station in Europe. It is located at 3454 meters and set in a glacial wonderland of snow and ice overlooking the Aletsch Glacier—the longest in the Alps.


Take the dramatic cogwheel railway trip from Zermatt to Gornergrat for the finest views of the Matterhorn. The observation platform at 3131 meters offers commanding views of 29 summits over 4000-meters high. Experience the thrill of Grand Train Tour on our Scenic Alps by Rail tour!

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