Most Romantic Spots in the Swiss Alps

Find romance in a charming Alpine setting

Think Switzerland is all trains, clocks, and cheese? If it's romance you want, you'll find it in abundance in those beautiful mountains and valleys—not just around Valentine's Day, but throughout the year.

Here are our picks for the ten most romantic spots in Switzerland.

1. Mount Rigi

Under a starlit sky the panoramic cabin of the gondola between Weggis and Rigi Kaltbad becomes a romantic restaurant on summer nights. Above glistening Lake Lucerne and with dramatic views of the Swiss Alps, a royal meal is served—the entrée on the ascent and the main course on the descent.


View from Mt. Rigi across Lake Lucerne

2. Soglio in Val Bregaglia

Alpine artist, Giovanni Segantini called Soglio the "gateway to paradise," Nestled romantically on a sunny hillside above the Val Bregaglia, and just an echo away from the Italian border, this town of 300 residents will surely steal your heart. Don't miss dinner at the Hotel Palazzo Salis, built in 1630, with specialties cooked over an open fire.


Hiker at Soglio

3. Lauterbrunnen Valley

This deep-cut glacial valley ringed by 72 plunging waterfalls has inspired musicians, poets, and artists for centuries. Richard Wagner, Felix Mendelssohn, Franz Liszt, and JRR Tolkien all found romantic inspiration here. Will it have the same effect on you?


Waterfall in Lauterbrunnen

4. Gruyères

This picturesque walled village set outside the castle gates dates to the 13th century. Roam the cobblestone streets at night and bask in the glow of the floodlit castle. Don't miss the double-cream and luscious raspberries served at the wonderful restaurants within the village walls.


Gruyeres Castle


5. Lavaux Vineyards and Lake Geneva

Terracing their way up the hillsides along the Lake Geneva Riviera are the UNESCO World Heritage Site Lavaux Vineyards. Although the temperate climate appealed to the Romans who first grew grapes here, the present-day terraces date to the 11th century. Best explored on foot and on bike. Stay at a B&B within the vineyards, then splurge on the famous perch fillets at the lakeside Hotel le Rivage.


Lavaux vineyards along Lake Geneva

6. Bauen on Lake Lucerne

This tiny jewel of a village is cradled in a cove against the Oberbauen Mountain on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Until 1956 the only way to reach the village of Bauen was along a steep footpath from neighboring villages. Even today it has a population of less than 200, but the dreamlike lakeshore setting amidst towering mountains draws day visitors soaking in the views and the charm.


The village of Bauen on Lake Lucerne


7. Val Roseg

Starting near St. Moritz ride a horse-drawn carriage—or in winter a sleigh—up the wooded valley to the Hotel Roseg. Don't miss the dessert buffet from the terrace as you gaze up at the Sella Mountains and the Roseg Glacier. A favorite day on our Engadine Inn-to-Inn Tour.


Val Roseg in upper Engadine


8. Binntal

With a legend-laced history of smuggling and prospecting, the Binntal, a remote valley in the Swiss Alps was not accessible to cars until the 1960s. Even today, its villages are best discovered on foot. The Belle Epoque  Hotel Ofenhorn, dating to the 1880s was host to Winston Churchill.

The hamlet of Faeld in Binntal Nature Park in Canton Valais

9. Goms Valley

Under a blanket of winter snow it's Switzerland's favorite cross-country ski retreat. In summer it's a pastoral agricultural valley, but with some wonderfully refreshing havens like the Hotel Castle in Blitzingen.

Canoeing on the Geschine Lake

10. Rosenlaui Valley

What could be more romantic than being snowbound in a remote mountain valley? Perfect for skiing and snowshoeing and no noisy cars or phones to bother you. In summer, the Rosenlaui Hotel is open to greet guests with traditional 19th-century hospitality.

The Broch Hut in the Rosenlaui Valley