Piz Languard: A Classic Viewpoint in the Engadine

Pontresina, Upper Engadine, Canton Graubünden





Location: Pontresina, Upper Engadine, Canton Graubünden

Distance: 5km/3.1 miles one way

Duration: 3-4 hours





High above the Engadine

Piz Languard, at 3262 meters/10702 feet is one of the great lookouts of the Engadine with views that stretch to the Monte Rosa on the east and even to Zugspitze in Germany to the far north. It's a popular dayhike from Pontresina and is most frequently combined with a chairlift ascent and a lunch at Chamanna Georgy, all of which contribute to the fun and take advantage of the nonstop views.

Chairlift to Alp Languard

For a fast start, go to the Alp Languard chairlift station in the center of Pontresina. Taking the lift will cut a full hour of ascent from the hike and take you to a starting point above the timberline. Make the ascent on foot, walk to the church of Santa Maria with its 12th century tower, and follow the signposted trail from there.

Alp Languard, where the chairlift tops out, is a popular summer destination with a restaurant and grassy slopes for picnicking and restfully enjoying the views of Piz Palü. It's also an excellent junction for other hikes in all directions.

From Alp Languard you'll recognize Piz Languard as the broad pyramidal peak to the east. One of the highlights of this walk-indeed, of most walks in the Engadine-is the variety of wildflowers you'll find which are endemic to the Engadine. Enjoy the show.

Varied Hiking Routes on Alp Languard

The well-marked trail ascends to the Georgy Hut, a privately-owned restaurant with 20 dormitory beds. There has been a hut at this location for over 100 years, which is no surprise considering the fine views. From the hut it's just 76 meters/250 feet of vertical ascent to the summit of Piz Languard. Your panoramic views include Piz Bernina, Morteratsch and most of the significant peaks of the Upper Engadine.