Vintage Swiss Posters

On his first trip to Switzerland in 1878, Mark Twain noted that "regions which were unvisited and unknown remoteness a hundred years ago, are in our days a buzzing hive of restless strangers." Though most of Switzerland looks completely untouched by man, Twain was likely noting the tremendous feat of Swiss infrastructure that includes railways, trams, funiculars, cablecars, and endless hiking trails. While World War I raged on, Switzerland focused its efforts on drawing the population to its bountiful beauty. Each poster captures a certain joie de vivre that truly encapsulates the draw of each particular region. The lithography of many of the posters is artistic genius and each artist's interpretation of the matterhorn tells a new story. 

Matterhorn in Zermatt Vintage Poster   Matterhorn in Zermatt Vintage Poster  Matterhorn in Zermatt Vintage Poster   Vintage Bernese Oberland Jungfrau Region PosterVintage Grindelwald Poster      Interlaken Vintage Poster       Kandersteg Vintage Poster      Lausanne Vintage PosterLucerne and its lovely lake Vintage Poster    Lugano Vintage Poster   Milka Switzerland Vintage Poster      Pure Swis Air Vintage PosterRigi Vintage Poster     The Alps Vintage Poster      Zermatt Vintage Poster     Zurich Vintage Poster